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Stitch the beginning….

Stitch the beginning….

Stitch the beginning….

I have always had a passion for arts and crafts. Living in Southgate as a parent I gravitated naturally towards Rodwins on Crown Lane, enthusiastically helping my children with various school projects, where the owner Josie stocked all sorts of treasures, from haberdashery to stationery, ballet outfits to fancy dress. Like many of Josie’s customers it became somewhat of a spiritual home, where I would often chat with her about my latest project.

So when Josie mentioned in the autumn of 2018 she was going to close at Christmas to finally enjoy a well-deserved retirement, it felt like a real loss to the community. To me it seemed like there was so much potential to modernise this local gem of a shop with the addition of various crafting classes and make it a real community hub. Josie wholeheartedly agreed this was the way forwards & lent me her full support. I met my future business partners Carol and Karen through the local school community shortly after this and they mentioned they were thinking much the same thing. We joined forces and the seeds of Stitch! were sown.

Fate was to deny us the opportunity of taking over Rodwins itself as the landlord decided to move the property in a different direction, but once we had started we were determined to make a go of our vision: a community serving arts and crafts projects, running classes as well as supplying haberdashery and craft merchandise. We started exploring shops in Palmers Green and soon we discovered a wonderful vacant space, formerly the iconic Grouts which then became Skate Attack and set to work.

It’s been a hectic few months, but wind forward to today and we are on the cusp of delivering our vision. We have spoken to many skilled local practitioners, have had a lot of interest from the public, and have received a very warm response to our ideas. The landlord has worked very hard to renovate the space, and we have put a lot of time and effort into sourcing resources to make it a bright, comfortable, welcoming environment for all…


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