Save The Irreplaceable Torrington Community Hospital

Ben Bradshaw MP was interviewed on BBC news - 20/08/14 - He said that Community Hospital beds are needed to reduce the blocking of more expensive acute beds

STITCH is committed to saving Torrington Community Hospital


Last year the beds at Torrington Community Hospital were closed. No consultation was carried out with the people of Torrington and the surronding parishes. This was illegal. STITCH was formed to fight the closures and save the Hospital.

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Beware of Propaganda

  • "Facts" and "Statistics" published by the CCG and Trust on the Torrington Community Cares website have been tailored to present a skewed view.

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The Referendum


99% of Torrington Residents voted to keep the beds open

The March


Residents of Torrington and surrounding parishes marched to show support for the STITCH campaign, including MP Geoffrey Cox