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Learn Tatting!  Wednesday 6th November, 7-9pm

With Kay Dudman

What you will learn 

This tatting workshop will get you acquainted with the basics of this beautiful skill so you can start making a dainty motif that can be used as a decoration, trim or even earrings.

Tatting is a form of lace made with a shuttle using a cotton thread. Popular in Victorian times, with a revival in the 1970s, tatted lace is now becoming fashionable again.  Typically worked in white as a traditional lace, interesting effects can be achieved by using more vivid hues, working in two colours or using variegated threads. Delicate motifs, collars, cuffs and edgings can be created as well as other projects where a touch of elegance is required.  Although there are only a few techniques to learn, making it quick to master, the combination of rings, chains and picots offers a wide variety of designs in this dainty but surprisingly hardwearing lace.  All that is needed to get started is a tatting shuttle and crochet cotton, although it is sometimes useful to have a small size crochet hook as well.

What you need to bring

All equipment will be provided.


DURATION: 2 hours                                                     

DATE & TIME:  Wednesday 6th November, 7-9pm

 Refreshments: Tea and coffee provided

 Cost: £20

 Please ensure you have read fully our terms and conditions


October 3, 2019